Who We Are

Malaysia Wedding Cinematography

When your special day comes around, it is made out of a whole lifetime of events woven together. Everything becomes so important. Our goal is to take the scenes that make up your wedding day, and turn them into a heartwarming and beautiful rendering of your wedding. We don’t want to just take a video of your wedding. We want to tell the story of it.

Feel the love and rekindle those ‘oh-so-special’ moments forever. Best videos come from simply letting you be you. We watch and observe looking for the truly beautiful in everything, including the imperfect the ordinary and the authenticity. Rather than relying on distracting equipment, we utilises natural light, composition and sound to tell your story.

The result isn’t just a video, it’s a movie that you can replay on your anniversary, or other special moments, and rekindle those moments as if you were reliving them all again.

We started of in wedding experience since 2010. Along the way, it’s a privilege to have couples invite us and have trusted us to capture that memory for them.

We love what we do, and we are genuinely passionate about creating a quality, handcrafted product for our couples.

That’s a bit about our story. We’d love to hear from you about your wedding ideas.